Tell me

Tell me you’ll stay with me
When the world has fast gone to sleep
And darkness engulfs my whole being
To watch me as I weep
Or caress my trembling feet
If I have one of those paradoxical sleeps

Tell me you know this inside your heart deep
Even when I forget to nudge constantly
I’m yours to forever keep
And you won’t let the feelings seep
Of vex,emptiness and triviality.

Tell me even if the feelings creep
The ones which I often fear
Onto the wall of your heart steep
You’ll fight back every feel
And won’t endorse the growth of rubbish heap

Tell me even if the voices bleep
The ones which scare the heck outta me
Loud and firm on your mind’s jeep
For they feed the weeds, yes indeed
You’ll remember the times our crop was reap

Tell me you’ll stay with me
Not to walk back on your words only
When the storm comes and the lion roars
You’ll stay with me behind the closed doors
And embrace me as I embrace my demons
You’ll love me as I hate the mirror.


Darker Shade of Gray

My eyes are heavy from the last night’s crying
But I must pretend I’m happy and definitely not trying

I’ve lost what I once owned with all my pride
Name, fame, peace and the gleeful ride

The nostalgia hits me up as I lay down to sleep
So I stay up and my fears chase me like a creep

They say I’m hopeless and so is my life
Let me do a trick please pass me the knife

But I should stay strong or atleast fake a bit
For the world despises the one who isn’t mentally fit

It’s time to get over my lil’ heartbreaks
C’mon people have dealt with greater time-shakes

They tell me to love what I have today
For tomorrow could always be a darker shade of gray


What do I do?
Where do I go?

Whom should I consult?
Why do peeps insult?

Why am I lost?
How much did my soul cost?

What makes me so tired?
What was it that I desired?

Sigh sigh. But why sigh?
Gosh! Am I again high?

High on insomnia
Perhaps it’s hypersomnia

Darn, I followed my inner voice
I thought it was the only choice

And you, like always, I pushed away
Not long after you first said Hey!

Now there’s no hope, no ray
Maybe now I should pray

And then again dwell in despair
The damage I’ve caused is beyond repair

My life is like the dust on shelf
I’m again losing my torn self

To find it dead at the other end
To find it dead at the other end.

The Pariah

I was once a shining star

Now I’m but a burning scar

The dreams I once saw seem so far

My hopes perished with the ash of cigar

Days and nights all spent in a bar

Staring the moon through the window ajar

I sit and play my old guitar

And secretly crave for the cookiejar

While everyone around wants castles and cars

But aren’t these ideas merely subpar?

Or is it only me who finds it bizarre

In this world which runs on dollars and dinars.

Darkness of the society mars

The genuineness of my soul by far

Oh my guardian where you are

I have searched the plains near and far

Come take me to the exemplar

Or show me where’s the lodestar

Who’ll guide me through this chaotic hour

And help me rise like a young Jaguar

My passions must subdue the old eschar

I need not to give an ear to their lour

Then my dreams wouldn’t seem so far

And I could again be a shining star!

Let me filter all the dreams through the dream catcher.

A Syrian Petrified

Who am I?

 A little child

Survived an attack since it was mild

Looked to the sky and again I smiled

Corpses of loved ones before me piled

Thought of running into the wild

But Alas! I’m such a naive child

I stood there as the shrapnels beguiled

Tossing their heads they reconciled

Stuck in the realm of hate and pride

The world goes on as it is styled

Who will care for the little bride

Who mourns and looks for a place to hide

Like others before, her luck she tried

There was a petition that once she filed

But what they did was only chide

Since no one really is on our side

There were so many who only died

A handful now can be identified

Came again then gases of toxic chloride

And countless again were mortified

Through their blood world purified

Who am I you testified

Hey my friend you horrified?

Oh no, this ain’t a genocide

Since all your acts are justified

My rants are all disqualified

For I’m a Syrian petrified! Continue reading “A Syrian Petrified”