The Living Dead

Veils before our mouths
And hands tied to the back
Our feet shackled to the ground
And throats strangled firm
Our hair pulled back
And chests pressed in
We clench our teeth
O my, we’re blind folded
And we must remain silent
You ask me the irony?
We call this life
We say we’re living
Whilst our souls only die
We let go of our dreams
And hold on to theirs
All day
We strive unflinchingly
For what we don’t have
But can we ever have
The happiness we’re longing for?
We don’t even remember
What is it like to be happy
We haven’t even experienced
What is it like to be free
We’ve imprisoned our souls
In the quest for wealth
And fame
And comfort
And jeopardized our happiness
Only to run, run and run
Run after it all over again
But O let me ask you My love
For this is the least I can do
Why do you My love
Think you’re better off silent
And follow the suit
They’ve set before you?
Why don’t you instead
Resist the subjugation?
Why don’t you instead
Break all the chains?
And Set your soul free
And embrace yourself
Your scars
And your fears
And the irreplaceable tears?
Why do you conceal
Your soul my love?
My God, how has no one ever told you before
How beautiful you look
Not when your flesh is naked
But only when
Your celestial soul is!


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