The Pariah

I was once a shining star

Now I’m but a burning scar

The dreams I once saw seem so far

My hopes perished with the ash of cigar

Days and nights all spent in a bar

Staring the moon through the window ajar

I sit and play my old guitar

And secretly crave for the cookiejar

While everyone around wants castles and cars

But aren’t these ideas merely subpar?

Or is it only me who finds it bizarre

In this world which runs on dollars and dinars.

Darkness of the society mars

The genuineness of my soul by far

Oh my guardian where you are

I have searched the plains near and far

Come take me to the exemplar

Or show me where’s the lodestar

Who’ll guide me through this chaotic hour

And help me rise like a young Jaguar

My passions must subdue the old eschar

I need not to give an ear to their lour

Then my dreams wouldn’t seem so far

And I could again be a shining star!

Let me filter all the dreams through the dream catcher.

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